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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, 2016 is here! Things are moving into place for a promotion push. Blue Tjade is up here, at cdBaby, iTunes, Spotify (I made 10 cents there so far!), and making it's way to all the other online stores.

Summer 2013

Hello all, I put up a new Mike Freeman ZonaVibe Facebook page starting with some nice photos from last weeks gig at Abe Lebewohl Park. The page is here the photo album can be found here


2013 is here!

OK, Happy New Year! 2012 had some positive things happen for "The Vibesman" and now 2013 is here!

Coming up next month Mike Freeman ZonaVibe at Long Island's Winterfest, Jazz on the Vine. We'll be performing at Wolffer Estate Saturday February 23rd, 6pm. I'd say jazz and wine go well together!

Moving on

Although a Grammy nomination would have great, I'm very happy with the overall response to CD and thanks to those who supported it! I''ve spent the past couple of months writing some new music. Looking forward to locking in some work for the group and moving onto the next project!

Thanks again to one and all!

The VIbesman - Grammy Awards

Dear Friends and colleagues Mike Freeman ZonaVibe "The Vibesman" is in the pre-nomination round of the Grammy Awards - "Best Latin Jazz Album". Our music will be made available to the voting membership upon request.  We thank you for your consideration!

Congrats to all!

—Mike Freeman

JazzWeek Chart

The Vibesman has been on Jazzweeks chart for 5 weeks and is now at #27!

Top seller at elWatusi

The Vibesman is a top selling album along with having two top selling tracks at!


The Vibesman has been hitting radio airwaves across the country and has also received sales from around the world! A first for me is that it's been entered into the pre-nomination round of the Latin Grammy's (LARAS)!

Here's some behind the scenes video of The Vibesman recording session!

Latin Beat

By Nelson Rodríguez

Veteran Mike Freeman -leading the band Zona Vibe- produced the CD "The Vibesman", which features Rubén Rodríguez, Papo Pepín, and Harry Adorno, plus special guests Mauricio Smith Jr., Julio Salgado & Jim Gailloreto. You'll enjoy my favorite tracks -"Jigsaw Puzzle", "Vibe Descarga", "Drifting", "Lucky Seven", "So Long, Just Walking By", "Too Groovy", and "Blue."

CD Baby Top Albums

I had to smile when I saw this!

First Review

The first review of "The Vibesman" is in. Enjoy!
All About Jazz Review

The Vibesman

There was a long delay (technical issues) but The Vibesman has arrived! Project backers should be seeing it soon, followed by radio programmers and press people! It's also on it's way to CD Baby (followed by iTunes and other download sites). Look for it here or there soon!

We Made It!

!!!! Break out the champagne!!!! We made it. A huge thank-you to everyone who jumped on board, went along for the ride, and/or put up with this new funding adventure. We're looking forward to sharing some more good vibes in the not-too-distant future! Thanks, MF

Kickstarter Final Week!

Hello all and Happy New Year!

There's one week left to become a part of ZonaVibe's next recording! We must reach our goal by Jan. 23rd or lose the pledges we've been fortunate enough to receive thus far. So we're ratcheting up our funding efforts. 

See updates post #4 video from ZonaVibe's power trio New Years Eve (with Ruben Rodriguez and Papo Pepin)! We hope you'll learn about the project, become a part of it (by pre-ordering our next recording), and/or help spread the word!  

Enjoy the video and pre-order now.


Mike Freeman ZonaVibe Kickstarter Project

Kickstarter Project 2

***For Immediate Release***
31 Days left to fund our next recording.
Help us reach our goal!
Mike Freeman ZonaVibe Kickstarter Project

Kickstarter Project

***For Immediate Release***

It's time to let everyone know about the launch of our Kickstarter Project (we're venturing into the brave new world of internet funding). I hope you'll learn about the project, become a part of it, and/or help spread the word!

Enjoy the video.