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Rent is to Damn High!

Rent is to Damn High!

The live music business (a large part of what makes New York New York) suffers another blow and is getting the squeeze in every direction. Astronomical rents, proposed congestion pricing, free street parking disappearing etc. and greed in general are draining the vitality of the city as I've known it over the past 37 years. –Mike freeman


Delays and good things!

I apparently missed my March blog. My head was buried in sounds and artwork. Although there have been some delays on releasing my newest production, the good news is that, in the middle of things, I had to put down my cd producer hat for awhile and put on my booking agent hat! The end of the summer is shaping up nicely! –Mike Freeman

Listening Here There and Everywhere

2018 is off to a nice start, there were several gigs in January and a trip to Omaha to visit mom. While there I chopped a lot of ice in the driveway after a blizzard and, as I was eating lunch at a restaurant one afternoon, saw a single engine airplane skimming just above the tree tops before it crashed landed into a nearby baseball field. Instructor and student were both OK!

There’s been a lot of listening to the new recording on all kinds of home speakers, computer speakers, various car speakers, as well as a variety of headphones. While in Omaha
I went down and spent an hour at my favorite place to visit, Custom Electronics, and listened to the recording on some Golden Ear Triton speakers powered by a beefy clean Parasound 2 channel amplifier. I was very impressed with the Triton’s and the Parasound made them shine. The speakers, amp and recording all sounded great!

The audio for the new release is basically finished at this point and the artwork is coming into focus nicely as well. I’ll also be unveiling a new VOF logo soon that Tony Picco has come up with. Lots of fun and exciting stuff brewing this month!

–Mike Freeman

2017 Recap

2017 Recap

The big news for 2017 was the putting together of a rousing new set of music of mine mostly written from late 2016 into early 2017. Initial dry runs of the music started late spring with the onset of full-fledged rehearsals beginning late summer into the fall. The music was recorded with an exciting new group of musicians in early October and the remaining months of the year were spent mixing. The recording will soon be mastered and my friend Tony Picco has begun work on some interesting cover art. Finishing everything up, manufacturing CDs, and making promo videos still needs to be done, but everything is looking good for a spring release of this new music. It’s turning out nicely and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

Like everyone else I know, I wanted to help those suffering from the devastation of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Puerto Rico in particular is the origin of so much of the music I play and many of my musician colleagues are from the island, so I decided to produce Band Together 2, a benefit concert featuring performances by Oscar Feldman, Bill Nelson, Ken Rizzo, and Andy Winter; Amina Claudine Myers; Marcie Castro, Wendy Luck; Ray Mantilla's Tres Amigos; Chris Carter, Roger Bartlett, Bobby Harden; Jamie Baum, Jeff Hirshfield, Leonard Thompson, and Dan Stein. The funds went directly to the Jazz Foundation of America to benefit musicians affected by the hurricanes. (Band Together 1 was produced to benefit musicians in the aftermath of Katrina.)

2017 also marked the solar eclipse across the entire country that we watched with my son from a high hill on the CCNY campus. ZonaVibe performed at the Jazz and Blues Showcase and I did a fun a gig with my west coast buddy Louis Metoyer (look him up) in Omaha for our high school reunion! There were many gigs with Jose Mangual Jr’s Son Boricua and with Ray Mantilla. I was also happy to perform on Ray’s newest cd “High Voltage”, that did very well on jazz radio.

Cheers and Best Wishes in 2018!

–Mike Freeman


Happy Thanksgiving, gobble gobble!
—Mike Freeman