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January 2011

We Made It!

!!!! Break out the champagne!!!! We made it. A huge thank-you to everyone who jumped on board, went along for the ride, and/or put up with this new funding adventure. We're looking forward to sharing some more good vibes in the not-too-distant future! Thanks, MF –Mike Freeman

Kickstarter Final Week!

Hello all and Happy New Year!

There's one week left to become a part of ZonaVibe's next recording! We must reach our goal by Jan. 23rd or lose the pledges we've been fortunate enough to receive thus far. So we're ratcheting up our funding efforts. 

See updates post #4 video from ZonaVibe's power trio New Years Eve (with Ruben Rodriguez and Papo Pepin)! We hope you'll learn about the project, become a part of it (by pre-ordering our next recording), and/or help spread the word!  

Enjoy the video and pre-order now.


Mike Freeman ZonaVibe Kickstarter Project

–Mike Freeman