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"Latin jazz doesn't get any better than this" –Mark Sullivan, Allaboutjazz

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Latin Music In Hell's Kitchen, a History
"Great music and a history lesson too!"

"My friends, and I were blown away by your concert tonight!"

"Congratulations on a very well conceived and executed project!" "That was fantastic!"

Produced by Mike Freeman
For over thirty years, numerous Latin music record distributors dotted the landscape of 10th Avenue from 42nd to 52nd streets. This concert production focuses on the once-vibrant Latin music record industry that no longer exists in Hell’s Kitchen as well as the tradition of the vibraphone in Latin music. Legendary guests, historical commentary, and photograph displays are a part of the performance.

Mike Freeman ZonaVibe
Quintet (or expanded) - Quartet - Trio

Mike Freeman Vibe Caliente - Salsa group

Mike Freeman & Spellbound® - legacy group

Guest Artist with a local group, faculty ensemble or student ensemble (Big Band charts available)

Clinic/Masterclass/Workshop or Residency

Outstanding Musicians who have performed with Mike’s groups include:
Bass: Ruben Rodriguez, Ian Stewart, Kip Reed, Ricky Rodriguez, Jerry Madera, Guillermo Edghill, Cucho Martinez, Arie Volnits, Dave Anderson, Rufus Philpot, Bill Miller, Hans Glawischnig, Bill Moring and Marcos Gonzalez
Congas: Roberto Quintero, Chembo Corniel, Mauricio Herrera, Papo Pepin, Little Johnny Rivero, Norman Hedman, and Jorge Jimenez
Timbales: Willie Martinez, Harry Adorno, Ralph Irizarry, Cheo Colon, Lester Liburd
Drums: Joel Mateo, Willie Martinez, Diego Lopez, Ed Uribe, Karl Latham, Vanderlei Pereira, Peter Grant, Brian Dunn, Rich DeRosa, and Graham Hawthorne
Piano: J.R. De Jesus, Jeff Jenkins, and Alan Farnham
Guitar: Dave Stryker, Bruce Saunders, Vic Juris, Jamie Fox, Pete McCann, and Berndt Schoenhart
Saxophone: Jim Gailloreto, Peter Brainin, Dave Peterson
Flute: Mauricio Smith Jr.
Trumpet: Guido Gonzalez, Pete Nater
Trombone: Joe DeJesus
Voice: Julio Salgado, Aris Martinez

Band Mates who have sadly passed away:
Ed Uribe, Harry Adorno, Lester Liburd, Norman Hedman, Jorge Jimenez

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